GOD its so hot to do anything today. 😦 Im going to see the fireworks tonight with my Girls and My boyfriend but its still HOT! Not much else going on today just chilling in the Ac with my dogs and watch tv. xD My new client rocks, basically said I can do what ever Just no comics 😀 YES >D Ive been drawing more manga, and writing too much so i think im going to head to DD and get my a coolata and enjoy the sun not the heat ❤ bye guys 







Just another day (day one)

So where to begin….. I guess at the beginning would be a good start. I was born on 2/8 and well life was good. I guess I had an older brother both my parents and A dog that was more of a sister to me. I was diagnosed with Heart disease when I was three weeks old and my doctors told my mom I would need open heart surgery by the time I was one. Well when I was five I was back in the hospital but for a different. I had another problem My spine was curved. That threw me in to five years of a back brace and 5 years of awkwardness. Well its going to be another tomorrow because its 1:36 where I live and I kinda need sleep if I have to go to work around 11 ;-\ good night ❤